Spring Lucky Dip

Spring Lucky Dip

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to make room for 60 canvases, I’ve decided to host a Spring lucky dip. This year has been the biggest ever, and that means I’ve got more stock than ever and more plans than ever- so I’m giving you a chance to have a goodie bag of Easter and new collection things!

It’s that time again!

We love bringing you lucky dips every year, and they’re always your favourite made by Leah calendar date, too! They come in winter and summer, twice each year and this is the FIFTH YEAR! So here’s the best ever winter edition!

Each Easter Lucky Dip is unique and contains Made by Leah products guaranteed to value at least £40, but almost always more. It could be up to 10x more in some cases! They’re always SO fabulous! 

You cannot choose whats inside your lucky dip and we are unable to exchange or refund these once purchased. Sales are final. And we don’t entertain requests, to keep it fair we pack each lucky dip completely blind!

If you just cannot choose what to buy, these are perfect as the choice is made for you!

In this Lucky Dip, products can include art prints, cards, small accessories, notebooks, pads, and textile goods. ANYTHING from the Made by Leah shelves!

Get involved! There are limited numbers!


Everyones a winner with a Made by Leah Lucky Dip!

Enjoy! Limited numbers and once they’re gone they won’t be back until summer!