About Made by Leah


I’m Leah and I’m an artist and illustrator. I started the idea of a small business called ‘Made by Leah’ back in 2016 selling home made cards and artwork while I was studying Medicine at university. I used to make and send cards to family and friends and simply wrote "made by Leah" on the reverse, and that's where it all began. I soon left university after realising I needed to be creative, and started on the journey of my own business, and the rest is history!
'I love to create things that prompt smiles all round. Living in a fairytale is what I thrive for. My style has evolved in the few years Made by Leah has been growing, and I love what my brand has become and the love it has created.'
 Having studied Art at school and loving it, I decided to carry on this passion using my sketches and watercolour. This quickly grew into creating my own paintings and greetings cards, and I have now made artwork and illustrations to become the centre of ‘Made by Leah’. My style is very whimsical and playful and I love to create characters and paintings that are happy and unique. I have now developed to use pen and ink along with my watercolour, and finishing with colouring pencil. I also do some designs digitally after picking up an iPad and apple pencil and falling in love. This mixed media work is lovely and fun to create as theres so much involved.
I adore illustrating and sketching wherever possible and I’m so glad to be able to share my designs and work with you all. I have evolved to become very pink, very positive and very happy - and I’m always working on new designs.
All my artwork and cards are printed locally, and I also personally package and distribute (at the moment!). This is something I will always endeavour to follow as I love to support other local businesses and keep everything as in house as possible when I can.
Me, Piers (my husband) and Otto (our wire haired sausage dog) all work hard each day to pack pink magic into your days. Leah’s parents also get involved when times are very busy. We all adore this business and are so glad you do too.
Leah x