2020 big launch

Hello everyone, long time no blog!

2020 has been a weird old year for everyone, but I'm really pleased to be at my winter launch, finally.

Normally I'm prepping for the winter season through the summer months and finishing off in September with a launch followed by lots of markets and events but this year has been totally different. As a business I've had to adapt A LOT this year, including going 100% online, adapting products such as creating my key workers prints, colouring downloads, send a friend bespoke pieces, new products such as water bottles and swaying and adapting my instagram to be more positive doodles and give people what they have needed for the past few months. It's been an absolute pleasure.

I have, also, been behind the scenes working on this winter launch and new website for the last few months and MY GOODNESS am I excited for you all to finally see it!

I knew I wanted more new products than ever before, more designs, more homewares more EVERYTHING so I've gone all out and planned and gone hard for this opportunity.

If I'm not at events, why not go crazy with my new online presence eh?!

I hope you all love it. There's so much new and so much still to show you between now and Christmas but I wanted to just thank you all for being here, thank you for loving what I do and giving me the confidence for this big launch, thank you for shopping small through 2020 and I hope you love everything new.

Newness includes wrapping paper, magazines, oven gloves and tea towels and more enamel mug designs, cards and print designs, blankets, cushions, stockings, THE LOT!

Anything you need, just drop me a message but honestly this ramble was a release of all the built up excitement I've had for the last couple of months not being able to share what I've been working on! Too much for my overexcited vibe.

But anyway, thank you again and let me know what your favourite thing is!

Leah x