Disneyland Paris Trip 2019




Back in March I went on the most magical trip on the Eurostar from London to Paris with my best bud and it was honestly AMAZING.

Through this little blog I’m going to take you through some of my favourite things about my trip, some advice or tips if you’re planning on going yourself and just some general magical and beautiful vibes(along with trying to persuade you to go along too, of course). Unfortunately for you, you won’t be going with my friend Kendra, the gal who I give all the credit for booking the majority of the trip and making it the cutest and sweetest time in the world (including making up little personalised envelopes of tickets and itineraries complete with Disney doodles, I’ll show ya!) but I’m sure you all have your own Kendra. If you have a Disney loving buddy then I can honestly say it will be the best holiday in the world! A lot of you will also go with families and kids, which I have no experience of so I won’t be chatting any kids at Disney advice in this blog (although will 100% be forcing Disney upon all my future children).

So, we live in Lichfield which is in NO WAY close to London but we decided to get the Eurostaranyway as it was much better timed than flights at the time we were booking, and a much quicker option than driving! We had a 1.5 hour train to London Euston and then just a short wait between that and hopping on the Eurostar from St Pancras station, which is super quick and super comfortable and just fab. I’d recommend taking your own snacks and things to do. We wrote lists (I love lists) and ate M&M’sand just got super excited about the trip and which ears we were going to invest in when we got there…


So, a little quick rundown of Disneyland Paris and what’s there. It’s made up of basically four parts:

  • The castle and theme park 
  • Another smaller park “Walt Disney studios”
  • Disney Village, which is made up of nice shops and eating-places.
  • The hotel area (we stayed just a shuttle bus ride away in one of the off site Disney hotels)



RIGHT next to the park (about 2 minutes walk from the entrance) is the train station, which we hopped on to get the Eurostar home. It can also take you into central Paris or the airport. It’s fab!

The only previous time I had been to Disneyland Paris was when I was 5, and so I saw things a lot differently this time! My overall immediate vibe about the park was it’s gorgeous attention to detail, the fact everything was so pristine and cleanand, of course, the BEAUTIFUL castle, down the long and traditional walkway. From the plants to the traditional BINS (who even knew a bin could be so beautiful?!) to the shape of the streets to the streetlamps to the square trees, everything was perfect. A very instagrammable place to be.



Here’s a list of (in my opinion!) the must go on rides and attractions:

  • Space Mountain. The one ride I remember from being 5 did NOT disappoint. It’s the best one and the most thrilling in the dark roller coaster at Disney. We went on this more than once and it’s so worth it.
  • Big Thunder Mountain. If you love big upside down rides this is the ride for you, it’s fabulous.
  • The peter pan ride. It may have a long queue as it’s for both adults and kids, but it’s well worth the wait. I’d have gone on this multiple times, it’s just wonderful. It takes you on a trip over “London” and flies you over everything peter pan. A must.
  • The carousel. We went on this and adored it, it’s a classic beautiful golden looking carousel and a must do when in the gorgeous park. I don’t care how old you are, you have to go on the carousel! (I don’t go on them ever but it just fit with the park so much it had to be done).
  • The tower of terror. This is in the other park, Walt Disney studios. It’s SO scary and fantastic; I refused to let go the whole time. If you’re up for a huge tummy flipper, this ones for you! I think the queues build up for this one but worth the wait any day.

(this is space moutain followed by the best carousel ever...)




We were only at the park for three days (a recommended time to visit to get everything into one trip!) but each day we ate within the park in the restaurants just by the entrance. We ate at a Diner style restaurant the first evening and then PLANET HOLLYWOOD the second evening which was worth the experience for sure! The restaurants are all chains and burger and fries kinda places (I’m not complaining!) but you’re generally so tired after a full day at the park that grab and go style food works anyway! We tended to stay in the park until closing time (I think 7pm possibly even later over the summer period) and then head to a restaurant for a bite to eat on route back to the shuttle bus by the train station.



One thing we absolutely knew we were going to be doing was buying Minnie mouse ears. We had our hearts set on this and wanted them straight away so we were wearing them the whole time. I’m telling you too, there are MILLIONS of different styles and colours and materials and there ears hanging for sale everywhere you look. Shop windows, sale carts, queues, you name it, there’ll be ears. 


I reckon lots of people pre buy a pair of ears and wear them on the train/plane but I wanted to buy them there and so did Kendra(Plus I don’t think I was organised enough to actually plan outfits and ears beforehand) and there’s loads of places you can buy super fancy ears, but in the end we went for the CLASSIC Minnie mouse ears with the red bow. Can’t beat them. Timeless.They cost 15 euros. Best money I’ve ever spent. Honestly the fact everyone is wearing ears everywhere you look just adds to the pure joy of the holiday!

The only time we took them off was 10 seconds before a ride (me and Kendra decided to put them up our jumpers while we were on the rides so they were safe, I’m sure lots of people forget to do this. RIP ears.).

ALSO just to let you know, they make you sit with your bag by your feet now rather than put them in a locker/shelf at each ride. Kendra had (what I can only describe as) a fanny pack for your thigh, which was a LIFE saver. It was sturdy and stayed put and fit our phones and purses in. I’d recommend something like this if you were going on all the scary rides. Obviously if you’re going with kids you need more than just a phone and purse but I thought I’d just pre warn you!

Kendra also brought GLITTER (see photo above) and we wore this on our faces the whole time. In the queue to the Tower of Terror we got called the glitter girls and honestly we were OK with that!


So, we went to Disneyland Paris midweek in an off-season month and the queues were absolutely brilliant for us. I think around an hour was the longest we had to wait. Don’t get me wrong, everyone would rather queue a little less but we were in the park for three days and managed to fit in every ride we wanted to along with some of our favourites again on the last day.

If you can go midweek and out of school holidays, I think it makes a world of difference. You can also buy fast pass tickets for certain rides if you want to!


We stayed at the “Hotel B&B”which was a ten-minute free shuttle to the park entrance. I won’t say much about the hotel as people generally book hotel and tickets together. What we found was that we literally slept and had breakfast there, we didn’t spend loads of time thereso we wouldn’t have minded what it was like. But it was good!




Finally I’m going to chat to you about the castle because honestly I could have cried when I saw it for the first time. The castle is this gorgeous shade of pink. You can go all the way around it, in it, under it (and definitely do this because there’s the most amazing dragon under there). Everyone is taking selfies from every angle around the castle (us included) and it’s basically very hard to get a photo in front of it with just you in but you just have to have no shame!

The castle without a doubt, 100%, was my favourite part of Disneyland Paris.


Here’s a short itinerary of our three days there:

  • Day 1 – Travel from early. Visit Disneyland Park all afternoon, check in and hotel in the evening after Dinner.
  • Day 2 - Visit Walt Disney Studios Park in the morning, Disneyland Park in the afternoon.
  • Day 3 - Visit Disneyland Park again, leave to start travelling home mid afternoon.

I hope you all get the chance to go and experience Disney, and I hope I get to go to Florida one day and experience it on the next level too! But for the price (I think we paid under £500 each including travel, hotels, food and park tickets ((and ears))) I think Paris is a real winner.

If you have any questions do get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer anything honestly about the best holiday ever!

Take care lovelies,

Leah x











Hey everyone!

I realise it was supposed to be a Disney blog as my next one, but a few of you asked for “a day in the life of” following from my previous being self-employed blog, and so I thought I’d go for it now as it’s much easier to pull together than a Disney one that seems to be taking me forever!

So here goes…


Monday is my day of admin. As well as my printers being closed on a Monday, I also get most of my orders over the weekend (especially now I do my limited-edition Fridays and originals sale!) and so it’s a fab day to get all my envelopes prepped, reply to all my emails and place any stock orders that I need.

  • I start by going to the gym (normally…) and spending some time with my pooch. I often bring my laptop home so I can reply to emails in bed or on the sofa!
  • When I get to work I write all my envelopes of orders and pack all my weekend orders up. This includes hand writing a postcard for each order which I love! It can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours and so I often have a Netflix series on the go at the same time!
  • Once all my orders have been packed, a post office run is in order! I often try and get this in at the same time as popping home to walk the dog.I love the fresh air and it gives me some chill time for a little while!
  • The rest of the afternoon is often spent planning commissions, doing any scanning or packing I need to do and ordering a re-stock of prints and cards.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:



Tueasday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days I get to do what I love most. Commissions, new designs, little doodles for my Instagram posts, thinking up new ideas... all the greatest things and the reason I love what I do so much!

I often start these three days with such a positive mental attitude. 

I try to keep my mind fresh with ideas and spend the first part of Tuesday prepping and planning my social media for the week. Anyone that has a business understands that social media is a HUGE player in success and coming up with daily Instagram posts can take over a long period of time from your day, so I try and get a vague idea of what I want to post each day to make it flow more naturally when I come to writing that post or releasing new material!

Social media can take a short time or a longer time if I want new doodles or designs to upload, I’ll do them there and then.

Commissions can also vary from week to week as to whether they take up a whole day, a couple of days or just a few hours. I do seem to always have a few that I’m working on, though, and they are some of my favourite things to do.

Gym and dog and a fresh air walk always happen within all this, but I try and enjoy and not be too structured with these few days as I find the more I enjoy them the more productive I am!

For the rest of the days I pack up any orders, prep any envelopes I need to and if I have an event coming up I’ll get the “event table” ready and put all my pieces to the side so it’s just a case of packing the car closer to the day!

I would recommend to anyone that has a creative job (or any job!) to take regular little breaks (even just a 5-minute cup of tea or a quick game on your phone, no judging *cough*snake squad*cough*). Having a little brain break is essential! 

Through these “middle” days I write a to do list, scribble and change it, write a new one, doodle on it, change my path and go a bit rogue multiple times a day but I like to go with the flow!

(Gossip Girl is my series of choice at the moment while I’m working, but sometimes if I’m doing a commission I like to just turn all distractions off, and work in the hum of my studio with no noise.)



Friday is my rounding up day.

I start a Friday with so much happiness! I love it!

On a Friday this tends to be what happens:

  • Get up nice and early, hit the gym if I fancy it or have a little lie in if I’m feeling the opposite!
  • Head to the printers to pick up all my orders for the week (my printers is near my gym so this helps when I’m not feeling it to tie them in together!)
  • Prep my limited edition or sale for the evening. This includes writing up envelopes, postcards, packing and signing all the prints and getting it all together.
  • This is the day I know I’m in the studio all day so I get a lot of scanning in as I need to be there to scan all my work in and swap them over when needed.
  • Sometimes I squeeze a coffee in on a Friday with my bestie who has Fridays off, best part of the week obviously!
  • I also do my social media pre planning for the weekend as I don’t like to be on my phone lots over the weekend!
  • If I have an event on at the weekend, I always pack the car on a Friday so I can have as much sleep on the Saturday morning as possible!

On Saturday and Sunday, Piers (my husband, who works a “normal” 9-5) has the whole time off so we always try and make the most of it. Hardly any work and no talking stories or sales! I do still reply to emails and IG messages but I keep it to a minimum, time off is so key!

Obviously, if I’m at an event or stall I work the whole weekend and would try and recover by having a little lie in on a Monday before heading back to the studio to do a stock check and re tidy!

I hope you all enjoyed knowing a little more about what I do with my days, let me know if you have any questions as I tried to fly through it as quickly as possible!

Enjoy your day and speak (about Disney!)as soon as possible.

Leah x

BEING SELF EMPLOYED and all I have learnt along the way

I became self-employed back in 2016 when I gave up university and set up Made by Leah and it was the BEST thing I ever did. I’m writing this blog to let you all into the world of being able to wear PJs for work and do whatever hours you fancy and give you all the pros, cons and tips I have spent the last 3 years building and learning. Hopefully if you’re self employed or thinking of becoming self employed or even just curious as to what someone who is self employed does all day, you’re in the right place!


Here are some rules I follow for my work life:


1: ALWAYS wake up and have a routine, even if you don’t feel like it. When I first became self-employed I used to lie in here and there and take breaks and finish early. This was OK at the time because I had less work on than I do now and I could actually afford to do that but now I’m busier and have more to do than a 9-5 allows, I have had to learn to be more disciplined and stick to normal hours. I find it easiest to work whenever my husband works whenever I can, so that helps me be normal and keep a routine. I have weekends off when I’m not at an event, I think it’s important to have days off in a working week for sure. I do reply to instagram comments and messages still when I’m ‘off’, but I don’t go to the studio/post office/bring my laptop home. We deserve that Friday feeling too!


2: Keep up to your accounts! You can’t avoid taxes and accounts if you’re self-employed. Whether you have an accountant or do it all yourself, it’s still very much there. I learnt the hard way when I didn’t do ANY for the first 6 months and had a long catch up. I now stick to one session a month of knuckling down and doing that months tax (For example, I did Aprils accounts last Friday morning, phew!). But yeah, make sure you’re on top of it ALL THE TIME. This thing happens when you run a business where you become an accountant, a cleaner, a marketing director, a social media consultant, an advertiser, a boss, a walking diary and every other possible job you can think of, it’s incredible really. You have to adapt to become EVERYONE a business needs... And all while eating what you like and watching Disney all day (I’m joking, that’s only some days…)


3: Enjoy the freedom. Always. I know as much as anyone that if there’s a job to do, you want to do it ASAP. But as far as being self-employed goes, enjoy life and flexibility as much as you can without it stressing you out! Routine is fab and being disciplined is important, but if you want to go for breakfast with a friend on a Wednesday morning or go swimming at 2 o clock on a Thursday afternoon or just watch a movie because you have a creative block one day, you ARE ALLOWED and absolutely should. Not everyone has that privilege. Here's some examples of me enjoying my freedom...



4: Don’t expect to cross everything off your to do list super fast.

This especially applies if you work for yourself and it’s only you as a one-man band! You absolutely have to learn that to do lists grow and grow and it’s rare to totally clear one! I’m always adding jobs and getting orders and I used to get really annoyed and overthink things if I went home with things not crossed off my to do list! Thankfully my mindset has changed now and if it hasn’t been done that day, it is allowed to be carried over to the next! You will stress out a lot less if you let the to do list go and focus on prioritising tasks and managing your time as best you can. You can’t do it all in one day, something that has taken me a couple of years to accept…

  1. Wear what you like/need to in order to work your best. This is not a one size fits all kinda suggestion. I used to wear PJ’s to work, literally. Every day. Or trackies or gym wear, but I found I was at my peak when I was wearing ACTUAL clothes. I still fail at this one quite often but honestly, if you feel normal and not slothy, you’ll work better I think! That’s what I’ve found personally anyway. This is a halfway house for me if I need to be comfy but want to feel like I'm dressed, are smart trackies a thing?!


  1. GET A GOOD WORKING SPACE FOR YOU. You have to be inspired every day. I’m lucky enough to work from a super inspiring and sizeable studio every day. I painted the walls, furnished and decorated the whole room exactly how I fancied and with things that inspire me. I have other small business artwork and products on my desk so I can look at other creative that inspire me as I work. I have a separate space for my computer and laptop and a different desk for painting and drawing and another separate desk for orders and packing up. Honestly, whatever space you have or whatever inspires you, make sure your workspace reflects YOU. Be you and you’ll be more efficient and enjoy work a lot more. Don’t be boring, be inspired. 



7: Take good care of yourself, don't burn out. It's easy to love or be so committed to your job that you go full steam ahead. Remember to do things you enjoy that AREN'T work, you'll benefit so much from that.




  • You can start and finish work when you like.
  • You can change plans or workdays to work around commitments, super flexible.
  • You get to be your own boss and work your own to do list
  • Wear what you like
  • Take breaks/eat etc. whenever you need to
  • It’s all your own rules
  • You know everything about your job inside out. It’s a project all for you and you learn how to run things down to a T.


  • You never switch off. It’s on your mind whether you’re at work or in bed or on holiday. It’s not a bad thing as your heart and soul is generally in it but it’s a strange feeling!
  • You have to run every aspect of your job. You have to put on multiple hats multiple times a day.
  • 9-5 goes out of the window a little bit.
  • Money is never the same month to month so you always have to think about not having a regular consistent salary.

I hope this has helped somewhat, and if any of you have any questions about being self-employed I’m very happy to help or answer anything! I’m no expert but I’ve been doing it a few years now and have definitely figured things out over time. This blog could’ve been about 100x longer than what I’ve written but I figured I’d pick out some important parts rather than boring you all! It’s amazing and you’ll love every second of it if you’re thinking of becoming self-employed!

My favourite thing is that I get to do what I love every single day, and the contacts and people I’ve met along the way. It’s great! My business is my baby and I’m so glad I’m involved in every aspect of decision-making, designing and everything else in my studio. Enjoy the flexibility and unique working situation and ENJOY.


Leah x



Imitation is NOT the greatest form of flattery

45364D6F-B3E0-4B32-94CE-03F9AE237FF3.JPGHi Guys!

This blog is going to cover my recent experience with having aspects of Made by Leah stolen and designs copied and a brief look at the battle I've faced along with the importance of understanding a small business and it's need to be protected...


To start with…

Building a brand takes time. Sometimes people can successfully build a brand more quickly than others and, for some, reputation and success can take months or years.

For this post I’m going to tell you about my brand ‘Made by Leah’ and let you know a few details about my business and my story before delving into protecting your brand and my story around that, too. Copyright is a touchy subject but one I have been aware of since starting my brand, therefore getting myself sorted on the issue before even setting out as an illustrator! (definitely read up about it if you are starting or already have a small business).

Made by Leah has been an official business since October 2016, which makes it almost 3 years old. Although I didn’t go full time with it until the middle of 2017 so I would personally say that Made by Leah is 2 years old this summer. Still a baby really. My baby!

Made by Leah:

I have always done all things in my business including marketing, social media, designing, packing and everything in between. I know my business inside out (one of the main reasons I can’t imagine bringing anyone else on board, but maybe one day!). For those that think being self-employed is a walk in the park, it is absolutely INCREDIBLE (and I will talk about how incredible it is and give you some tips in next weeks blog) but it definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. My art is how I earn a living. The main challenge being you are basically an accountant and a business manager and a social media director and a marketer and any other job you can think of, and the to do list never ends. That being said, it’s the most rewarding and wonderful thing and I would recommend ANYBODY to chase their dreams if being self employed is something that appeals to you. I love it, genuinely and honestly and have NEVER questioned this being my dream job. (I mean, I can wear PJs and a crown and watch Disney movies whenever, what’s not to love?!).

But, in my opinion (and the main reason for me writing this blog) the biggest challenge I have faced so far has been a recent battle I have encountered with having MY designs and ideas stolen. That, along with the emails and businesses asking for my advice too, which I’ll go into later.

Back to the copying…

The fact I’m on my own in business and the need to sort the problem was all on me really hit hard at first when my designs were taken and copied. Of course, I had my husband and parents for advice but it’s my businesses and therefore was my decision on where to take the problem and how to react to it. No boss to pass the message onto and a full feeling of having worked damn hard for something that someone so flippantly thought, “Nice idea, I’ll take it”. I appreciate not all businesses have their designs stolen and I hope if you have a small business it never happens to you but I have seen FAR too many situations where larger brands have stolen small business ideas. I’m not naming any names or here to shame the few people that have done it to me, but in my personal case, the business that stole my designs was not a “big brand” like a high street store (thankfully, I can’t imagine fighting those ones), but they have been brands with a higher following than me. Seems unfair. I realise numbers aren’t everything but a lot of people view instagram followers to how successful a business is. BUT at the same time, they had not a single leg to stand on so they could literally take their thousands of followers and do one. I wasn’t going to let them steal.

8 of my designs got stolen through the period of my challenge. None of my major best sellers such as my magazine or unicorns or new work (thank goodness) but designs including my rabbits, bunches of flowers, mermaid and a few others. It didn’t feel relevant what they’d stolen at the time; it was a problem and therefore mine. Each took weeks to sort and I’m actually still in contact with one scandal, which is yet to be 100% cleared up.


I just wanted to briefly bring it to your attention to show you all that, even though I’m a small business, this kind of thing can happen to anyone. It is STEALING. Don’t let anyone say ‘Imitation is the greatest form of flattery” because now that it’s happened to me I can safely 100% say I was not flattered, not even slightly. It’s not flattering, it’s stealing and taking something that has taken months or years to create and develop. It’s lazy and it’s ILLEGAL.

I simply can’t stress that enough. That phrase shouldn’t be allowed.

I thought I’d just say at this point, I am so thankful for lots of other illustrators and small businesses that I know and have become friends with. They help me grow creatively and aren’t competition at all, we all help each other along. Businesses can help businesses greatly and I’m sure you all know that! Social media and fellow creatives are amazing and I’m thankful for it all every day and how both have helped made by Leah to grow! I also want to just say I don’t want to come across as ranting or negative and hope I have shared this information without being doom and gloom.

But onto the next point from here, other businesses asking for advice/tips….

Here’s a letter as to why I won’t help people to copy my brand or give people personal advice when it cuts too close to that copycat line…


Dear followers/business owners/creatives or anyone who it may concern,


I really appreciate your messages always.

My emails and inboxes are FULL to the brim with lovely lovely followers saying things about my work or work they have bought from me. Followers and people dmiring and loving any of my work is something I feel humbled by every single day. But along with these lovely messages come ones such as “Where do you get your work printed?” and “Oooh lovely mugs/tea towels/ notebooks where do you get these done?” or “what paint/brush do use or what techniques do you use to get that effect?” But please appreciate that it has taken me months of product testing, samples and just general hard work and I simply won’t reply to you asking, basically, how to copy aspects of my business. I’m sure many of you are innocently asking and not trying to copy me at all, but I have recently realised I can’t answer a lot of these questions. I’m sorry to anyone not copying me at all, or people not even realising that are just innocent, but I hope you understand that protecting yourself comes first!

If you want answers to your questions, work hard and follow the ‘How to build a brand’ steps to create your own unique one. I worked and trialed to get the perfect product or technique, do the same with your own creativity!

I’m getting on my small business box now and saying to you all that a business is your heart and soul. My heart and soul and individuality makes made by Leah what it is today and to be honest, I want to protect it just as much as if it were my baby.


It seems almost laughable now that the months and years of collecting my brains ideas and actions to create my brand would just be dished out to someone I have never even met or hardly know. Please think before you ask for very specific or intrusive advice.


Not everyone is out to copy or steal but also, secrets must!


Unfortunately it takes hard work and a lot of looking around and trial and error to create something successful, so you’ll have to do that too!

I hope you all know and think I’m always a decent person but this kind of info crosses the line for me. It has taken a few people and businesses to ask questions and copy for me to come to write this post. I used to dish out suggestions and help much more willingly when I first started and had nothing to lose, (and don’t get me wrong, I’d still give as much info to anyone as I’m comfortable with!) but since becoming a little more established myself I am much more aware of copycats and protecting things I have worked hard to build. I hope you all understand that.

Being copied for me has really hit home as to how people can be, and the journey that I’ve been on with having my brand and designs stolen has made me more aware and wanting to share it with you all. It hurts when people take what’s yours.


Admiring is the greatest form of flattery. Admire and appreciate and everyone can grow. Leah x


To finish:


I just want to finish with a short paragraph to say THANK YOU for sticking with this blog and I hope you’ve found it useful (or at least interesting to know!). I hope copying doesn’t happen to me again and I hope you can all appreciate the protection and love in an individual’s brand. I’ve covered the issues of asking other brands for advice that skips the work for you, and also just plain and simple copying. Do share any experiences you have had or your thoughts!

Have a fabulous week all of you, creativity is limitless and I am eternally thankful to everyone who admires and loves my work, which is almost 100% of you.!

Leah x




This is me

Hello and thank you for being on my little corner of the Internet reading my first ever blog post!

I have to admit, I don’t think at any stage I’ll ever be OK with using the term “blogger” for myself, but lets see eh! However, I for one love down to earth articles written by down to earth ‘normal’ people/bloggers, and can hold my hands up and say I am a sucker for being influenced by a cracking blog post or insta story (you just need to look in my wardrobe or at all the things in my house to figure this out about me)… 

Since becoming a creative I have found myself in a social media worldwhere a lot of my followers and people I follow are Mums or parents and I interact with a lot of “Mum blogs” and instas because of the style and attraction of my illustrations tends to be for kids rooms and presents. This means I naturally find myself reading LOADS of blogs about kids and family life; which might seem weird because it’s so opposite to my life (no kids in this house, just a dog…) but I love that it’s so different to my little world which is probably why I can get lost in it!

I just want to start blogging to chat to you, really. Share some of my work and some of my worldand give you some ‘real life’ chat to enjoy reading. I don’t think many people do what I do (does anyone in this world have the same day to day?!) and hopefully that’s enough to help you to enjoy my different world! 

So here goes. I thought with it being my first time, this post should be all about me. If you love it I can share more about work, home, chill, everything. But for now, this is me:

I am Leah. I am 24 and I’m sure I’ve told my little story 100 times so I’ll make it short and sweet (or as short and sweet as it can be). I love art. I studied art all the way through school but always had a “I surely can’t do art, it’s too difficult to make it work” mind set, so I didn’t pursue it. So in 2014 I headed to Cardiff university to start studying Medicine (crazy different to art, but true). It lasted 4 months and then I was back and done, knowing I wanted a different life. I don’t regret going to Cardiff, as I believe it taught me what I really wanted from life.

I made greetings cards for family and friends at this time and always doodled but never knew how to make it more. When I decided to try and start a business I started off very small and naïve. I knew I wanted to be happy and I knew I wanted to work for myself but had no idea how or where to start. I basically started out in the spare room; I started by drawing and painting EVERY SINGLE CARD by hand. That is something that makes me laugh now considering I barely have time to design one card in a week anymore let alone hand paint each one. But I did! And I booked in to a few little markets and craft fairs and made a logo and a name and “Made by Leah” was born.  

Sometimes I can’t quite believe that since those early days I now have a studio, have done over 50 events (that are a tad better than a table top in a local village hall. Although I’m not knocking those little fairs, I still sometimes do them because I love to meet wonderful people at all events), have my own websitehave exhibited at huge trade showshave my designs in over 100 shops across the UK, have collaborated with huge lovelies such as ‘The Royal Academy Of Dance Ltd’ and Lichfield Cathedral, done big projects such as murals and signage for local businesses as well as illustrated a book and started my first magazine AND had a sell out open studio event. I love writing this all down as it really shows how far I’ve come. I encourage you to write down what you’ve achieved this last couple of years, it will be more than you think! 


Basically I just WENT FOR IT. I sometimes compare my first designs to my current designs and consider how much I’ve grown since 2016 when Made by Leah was born and I thank everyone that follows my journey and has ever believed in me for that! And also want to say that if you have a passion and want to work for yourself, do it. Make it work because it’s amazing.

I work from a double garage conversion at my parents house which is AMAZING, but live a mile down the road with my husband and my sausage dog. Long commute.

Anyway, enough about work and more about me!


Here are some of my favourite things:

  • Dogs. I would have a million dogs if I was allowed. Thankfully my husband said yes to ONE and so I have my little sausage.

  • Bubble baths. It doesn’t matter what time of day; I’m down for a bath. The hotter the better.
  • Christmas. My birthday is on Christmas day and it’s just magical. I love the run up to Christmas and all the beautiful lights everywhere and just the joy. So much joy.
  • Pink. There is absolutely no doubt that my favourite colour is pink. I have to try very hard to design an illustration with no pink. Very hard.
  • Saturdays. No more needs to be said.

Fun Fact: If I was on I’m a celebrity (please make it happen) and I had to choose my 3 course meal in the final (please also make that happen) it would without a doubt be Lasagne to start, a huge cheese burger for main and a clotted cream rice pudding for dessert. 

From now on I want to share about my weekends, my trips,  things I love, my work, wish lists, people to follow, new things and basically just MY LIFE.

Thanks for reading about me and see you next time.

Leah x


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