CHRISTMAS GIVE BACK BIG LIST (and we are all giving something back)       



This blog is all about shopping small at Christmas, supporting some of the gorgeous brands and businesses I have grown to love and think of as “colleagues”, (I can sit and pretend I have colleagues even though I sit in my studio with just me and Otto, right?!) and shouting out about all their lovely products to show you them in time for shopping small for Christmas. But even more than that, I want to share with you something we will be doing with all these gorgeous gifts and how honoured I am to know such wonderful people!

Below is a list of all the beautiful brands instagram handles that are part of this Christmas wish list, take a look at them! Since announcing it on my instagram @itsmadebyleah, over 40 more brands have added their name to the list of 15 I initially asked (oh my word). There’s a gift for everyone and these brands do such lovely ranges too. After the instagram handles, I’ll do a little write up for each brand and their products and hopefully you will find something you love in that list! There’s quite a lot of them but definitely give it a read, I’ll give you the vibe of their brand in each write up along with their instagram so if you’re looking for something specific, hopefully you’ll find it in these guys! I know so many of you have already shopped with everyone I’ve been sharing!

So, with that in mind let me tell you the plan! These gorgeous brands have each sent me a beautiful product or a few products that I’ve photographed on my instagram and shared. I thought long and hard about what to do with all these products once this blog had been written up. We could have done a giveaway (which would have been fab for everyone, but I knew what I actually wanted to do and all of them were on board). We know the value of shopping small and whenever anyone buys a gift from us for Christmas; they are giving us a gift too by purchasing from us!

So we wanted to give something back, and so we are. All these gifts are being gifted to families that would otherwise not have or be able to afford Christmas gifts. And honestly, I just feel blessed to be able to give something back and to have so many stand with me, offer their time and money and products and put my plan into motion.

All these beautiful people have sent me their products:

  • @thecakespa (gorgeous marshmallows, biscuits and other amazing bakey goodies)
  • @tayler_and_hugo (beautiful hand painted decorations, teepees and wall hangings)
  • @cakepreneur_laura (gorgeous baked goods in beautiful subscriptions and boxes)
  • @popandpunch (gorgeous kids decorations, toys, beautiful home wares)
  • @littlempapergoods (lovely illustrations and designs)
  • @bowbeaus (gorgeous party animals!)
  • @darwinandgray (queen of banners)
  • @bettydreamgifts (products for little ones, gorgeous pieces)
  • @oohilikethatdesign (stationery, art prints, little pads and lists)
  • @sophievalentineauthor (author, beautiful believing in yourself book!)
  • @bakefulplay (baking with little ones BEAUTIFUL baking box)
  • @orgilloriginals (leatherworks, bags, accessories, GORGEOUS)
  • @heytherestickers (stickers! Beautiful and so much fun)
  • @lauraelizabethuk (illustrations, decorations, the most stunning Christmas pieces)
  • @mermaidsanddinosaurs (gorgeous jewellery)
  • @hearts_and_twine (lovely little decorations hand made)
  • @grizzlybooks (amazing books for little ones!)
  • @oursensoryshop (lovely sensory play, play dough and other amazing pieces)
  • @janekent_studio (AMAZING stitching, positive vibes, beautiful products)
  • @panacheparparis (gorgeous hand made paper decorations and paper goods)
  • @norawright (stunning illustrations and hand painted goods, fairy kits)
  • @carla_murdoch_ceramics (pottery, gorgeous ceramics and tableware)
  • @ethel_and_co (the best candles you’ll ever buy!)
  • @zomzomclothing (the best and most beautiful sweaters for mums, aunties and Christmas!)
  • @windingthebobbinup (the happiest badges, pins and prints)
  • @withlovedesignsxo (hand stitched products, key ring, garland, re-useable face wipes)
  • @little.greymoon (stunning sterling silver jewellery)
  • @homebird_makes (lovely hand made fabric pieces)
  • @the_threaded_rose (hand made bags, pirates and mermaids!)
  • (gorgeous cards and prints, sparkles too!)
  • @buntinginabaguk (lovely gorgeous hand made bunting in a matching bag!)
  • @becandboouk (gorgeous make up bag/pouch)
  • @ronnie_roos (children’s clothing and gorgeous products)
  • @hallelula_prints (gorgeous designs as art prints. So great)
  • @theconfectionerylounge (fudge and gorgeous box of goodies!)
  • @eyeownadesign (lovely designs as prints)
  • @cakehannah (gorgeous biscuits)
  • @popsidaisickle (hand stitched loveliness for little ones, baby mobiles and other kids room decorations)
  • @geminigifts (gifts clothes and toys online shop!)
  • @houseofhopeuk (beautiful stationery, lovely designs as prints and baubles)
  • @ninawithapencil (illustrator, Christmas cards and calendars, everything lovely)
  • @littleelfin (gorgeous kids clothes, just stunning fabrics)
  • @ivyoakdesign (beautiful illustrator and designer, lovely products and Christmas pieces too)
  • @neonblushhhlingerie (beautiful scrunchies and other hand made pieces)
  • @pebble_and_sage (designs and prints as gorgeous pieces)
  • @hannahjoy_designs (wooden plaques and pieces, lovely decorations and Christmas badges and pieces)
  • @thepersonalisedcraftcompany (gorgeous products, stars, wooden pieces)
  • @littleteethersuk (beautiful and stylish teethers for little ones)
  • @katemoby (gorgeous illustrations and personalised art designs)
  • @nova_and_me (illustrations and art designs as lovely prints)
  • @mylittlesnowdropshop (beautiful decorations and products for kids such as lunch boxes and book ends etc.)
  • @doodleshandmadegifts (letters to Santa plaque, wooden signs and pieces)
  • (ethical male grooming and cosmetics, lip balm, moustache wax etc. gorgeous tins)
  • @littlebird.bear (leggings, kids clothes and accessories and re-useable face wipes/pads)
  • @sproutillustration (stunning Christmas eve box activity pack)
  • @thelittlebrownmouseco  (THE most gorgeous wooden themed decorations)
  • @gempangillustration (stunning and unique illustrations)
  • @origin.bespoke (beyond gorgeous designs as prints, workshops, bespoke pieces)
  • @littleboxofbooks (books, so many books and activities, so gorgeous!)

So, these people are fab people. I want you to support them as much as you guys support me (which is a heck of a lot, thank you all!). Put them on your Christmas list to buy, follow them on instagram, like a post or two, WHATEVER you wanna do to support small this Christmas, They have given back BIG and Christmas is such a crazy time for us all (trust me, I’m looking forward to January for a good old sleep haha!).

You can see the products they sent over to me in the highlights section of my instagram @itsmadebyleah under the headings “give back big 1, 2 and 3”

Thanks all for reading and I can’t wait to see what “shop small” Christmas gifts you all buy this year!

Leah x