Autumn/Winter plans (& blogging!)

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a bit off the radar recently when it’s come to blogging, who has time for something extra really?! But I just wanted to let you know my plans from now because I absolutely love writing for you guys and am going to make it part of my job and pop it into my to do list every couple of weeks so there’s always something new to read from me! (even if it means typing away in bed on my laptop, it’ll get done!).

I also just want to put into a quick blog the details of my website and ordering from when the website changes happen to Christmas.

So, here’s my plans…

From mid September onwards I will be doing a blog every couple of weeks (I even have them pre planned so no excuses!). Autumn winter is the busiest time for my business and I like to throw my all into the September to December- it’s a crazy time! I have a few markets that I’m attending (And by a few I mean I don’t think I’ll be going home for the whole of November) but I am SO excited to show you everything new, everything I have planned and everything for you guys I’ve been creating all year. I have even gathered lots of small businesses for an extra special Christmas list and plan too, I can’t wait to show you that. If you’ve followed me on instagram for any amount of time you’ll know I basically worked on my 2020 calendars ALL summer, I know… I can’t quite believe they are finally ready and going to be for sale soon. Along with so so many other products!

Sometime in September (date TBC) my whole website will change over from what it is currently to be an “in stock” system. This means I will list on there what I have in stock, once it’s gone it’s gone and that’s all that will be available. This means I won’t be able to get anything back in stock in time for Christmas (I don’t think), which is scary, exciting and SO unknown.

I have been ploughing everything back into my business for the last 6 months and to be honest I can’t wait to see it all come together soon!

I hope that all makes sense, I’ll release the date for my full winter launch very soon!

Below I’ll list where I’m going to be and my plans for September-December. Thanks, as always, for reading this little blog and I can’t wait to spend my autumn and winter with all you guys!

  • Out of office 23rd August until 3rd December
  • Back to pack up and send orders on 4th 5th and 6th September
  • Out of office 7th-14th September
  • 14th September, BACK AND READY TO GO
  • 22nd September, mama meet and market (The custard factory, Digbeth)
  • 9th and 10th November- Fabulous places Christmas market (roundhouse Derby)
  • 17th November- Walled garden at Beeston with fabulous places
  • 24th November- Mama meet and market at Christmas at Derby university
  • 5th December- Deck the halls Shopping event. Haarlem mill, Derby
  • 14th December- Open studio at my studio to finish off the season!
  • 18th December- last day in the studio for Christmas orders to be placed

Now you know where I’m at and what my plans are, I hope to see you all at one of my events. But if not, say hi on instagram and I’ll be there behind the scenes too.

Wish me luck for September and October, I think I’ll have a bit of packing to do!!

Have a fabulous week.

Leah x