Simple ways to be kind to yourself




I have recently been making a few changes within made by Leah (mainly additions, nothing has really been swapped out!) and have tried to embrace a positive and encouraging aspect to my business and instagram, have you noticed?!

This change was initially sparked in me because I know how negative social media can be to people and how tough life can be, and wanted to brighten up peoples days with my little squares. It’s so easy to doodle a quick message that can easily speak to so many people, and even if those doodles only touched one person, that’s enough for me!

Being kind to yourself or ‘self care’ have become quite glam and trendy/talked-about topics this year and I for one am all for it if it’s genuine. Looking after yourself is SO important. It doesn’t have to be a week abroad or luxury spa breaks, just simple things can help too. I find switching off and taking care of myself quite difficult sometimes. I’m not a stressed person and am very blessed to have good health, but running a business can for sure knock it out of you. As can any job. As can not having a job. As can being a teenager, adult… You get the jist; life can be stressful for everyone and anyone.

How on earth is it possible to wake up early, pay bills, do the food shopping, keep the car filled with petrol, work full time, drink enough water, cook healthy meals, go to the gym, wash, pay the mortgage, sort that bank appointment, have your hair cut AND keep the dog alive?! LIFE. But we are all amazing at keeping going. And whether we struggle or we don’t, we are all doing a fabulous job.


I’ve put together a few simple things that are just so normal but 100% essential in keeping your head above water and being kind to your body and mind. They are things you can do every day and seem SO easy, but in reality how often do you mindfully do them? I know I can hold my hands up and say I’m much better at doing the simple things to take care of myself when I see a list actually in front of me and remind myself it’s important. Here goes:


I reckon everyone knows how much sleep they should be getting. Burning your candle at both ends won’t help anything! Sleep if you need to, wake up early if you know that helps how you feel all day. Do what makes you work!


Have a long hot bubble bath, have a quick cold shower, wash using baby wipes, do anything to make you feel fresh to face another day!


Don’t stay cooped up all day and night. Go for a quick walk at lunch time or walk somewhere instead of driving. Even just make sure you move your feet if you’re stuck at a desk all day! Moving and getting some fresh air will really help clear your head.


Plants can’t flourish and grow without enough food and water and neither can we. When I’m drinking enough and eating well my whole body thanks me, including my brain, and I’m much more productive!


Every. Single. Day. Do something that makes YOU happy! I’m not even going to do a list because millions of things make people happy. Free things, enjoying nature or watching your favourite series. It doesn’t matter what makes your heart happy, just let things make it happy!


I am RUBBISH at this one. I say no phone time after a certain time but I’ll check instagram in bed, first thing in the morning, have dreams about it (you know the drill). Having a break from social media even just for an hour while you cook and eat your dinner can do those eyes and that brain a world of good!


Text your friend, chat to your parents. Know your people and who builds you up and let them do that whenever you can! Trust me, your best friend isn’t going to wish you hadn’t dropped her that text. A whole world of people care about you, let them!


One final thing, remember to appreciate the little things.

Appreciate the big things too (like the holidays and spa breaks), but remember even the tiny daily details can give you a happy mindset.

Take care lovelies.

Leah x


(three positive things template to use as you wish, and something I do every single day and add to my instagram stories!)