Disneyland Paris Trip 2019




Back in March I went on the most magical trip on the Eurostar from London to Paris with my best bud and it was honestly AMAZING.

Through this little blog I’m going to take you through some of my favourite things about my trip, some advice or tips if you’re planning on going yourself and just some general magical and beautiful vibes(along with trying to persuade you to go along too, of course). Unfortunately for you, you won’t be going with my friend Kendra, the gal who I give all the credit for booking the majority of the trip and making it the cutest and sweetest time in the world (including making up little personalised envelopes of tickets and itineraries complete with Disney doodles, I’ll show ya!) but I’m sure you all have your own Kendra. If you have a Disney loving buddy then I can honestly say it will be the best holiday in the world! A lot of you will also go with families and kids, which I have no experience of so I won’t be chatting any kids at Disney advice in this blog (although will 100% be forcing Disney upon all my future children).

So, we live in Lichfield which is in NO WAY close to London but we decided to get the Eurostaranyway as it was much better timed than flights at the time we were booking, and a much quicker option than driving! We had a 1.5 hour train to London Euston and then just a short wait between that and hopping on the Eurostar from St Pancras station, which is super quick and super comfortable and just fab. I’d recommend taking your own snacks and things to do. We wrote lists (I love lists) and ate M&M’sand just got super excited about the trip and which ears we were going to invest in when we got there…


So, a little quick rundown of Disneyland Paris and what’s there. It’s made up of basically four parts:

  • The castle and theme park 
  • Another smaller park “Walt Disney studios”
  • Disney Village, which is made up of nice shops and eating-places.
  • The hotel area (we stayed just a shuttle bus ride away in one of the off site Disney hotels)



RIGHT next to the park (about 2 minutes walk from the entrance) is the train station, which we hopped on to get the Eurostar home. It can also take you into central Paris or the airport. It’s fab!

The only previous time I had been to Disneyland Paris was when I was 5, and so I saw things a lot differently this time! My overall immediate vibe about the park was it’s gorgeous attention to detail, the fact everything was so pristine and cleanand, of course, the BEAUTIFUL castle, down the long and traditional walkway. From the plants to the traditional BINS (who even knew a bin could be so beautiful?!) to the shape of the streets to the streetlamps to the square trees, everything was perfect. A very instagrammable place to be.



Here’s a list of (in my opinion!) the must go on rides and attractions:

  • Space Mountain. The one ride I remember from being 5 did NOT disappoint. It’s the best one and the most thrilling in the dark roller coaster at Disney. We went on this more than once and it’s so worth it.
  • Big Thunder Mountain. If you love big upside down rides this is the ride for you, it’s fabulous.
  • The peter pan ride. It may have a long queue as it’s for both adults and kids, but it’s well worth the wait. I’d have gone on this multiple times, it’s just wonderful. It takes you on a trip over “London” and flies you over everything peter pan. A must.
  • The carousel. We went on this and adored it, it’s a classic beautiful golden looking carousel and a must do when in the gorgeous park. I don’t care how old you are, you have to go on the carousel! (I don’t go on them ever but it just fit with the park so much it had to be done).
  • The tower of terror. This is in the other park, Walt Disney studios. It’s SO scary and fantastic; I refused to let go the whole time. If you’re up for a huge tummy flipper, this ones for you! I think the queues build up for this one but worth the wait any day.

(this is space moutain followed by the best carousel ever...)




We were only at the park for three days (a recommended time to visit to get everything into one trip!) but each day we ate within the park in the restaurants just by the entrance. We ate at a Diner style restaurant the first evening and then PLANET HOLLYWOOD the second evening which was worth the experience for sure! The restaurants are all chains and burger and fries kinda places (I’m not complaining!) but you’re generally so tired after a full day at the park that grab and go style food works anyway! We tended to stay in the park until closing time (I think 7pm possibly even later over the summer period) and then head to a restaurant for a bite to eat on route back to the shuttle bus by the train station.



One thing we absolutely knew we were going to be doing was buying Minnie mouse ears. We had our hearts set on this and wanted them straight away so we were wearing them the whole time. I’m telling you too, there are MILLIONS of different styles and colours and materials and there ears hanging for sale everywhere you look. Shop windows, sale carts, queues, you name it, there’ll be ears. 


I reckon lots of people pre buy a pair of ears and wear them on the train/plane but I wanted to buy them there and so did Kendra(Plus I don’t think I was organised enough to actually plan outfits and ears beforehand) and there’s loads of places you can buy super fancy ears, but in the end we went for the CLASSIC Minnie mouse ears with the red bow. Can’t beat them. Timeless.They cost 15 euros. Best money I’ve ever spent. Honestly the fact everyone is wearing ears everywhere you look just adds to the pure joy of the holiday!

The only time we took them off was 10 seconds before a ride (me and Kendra decided to put them up our jumpers while we were on the rides so they were safe, I’m sure lots of people forget to do this. RIP ears.).

ALSO just to let you know, they make you sit with your bag by your feet now rather than put them in a locker/shelf at each ride. Kendra had (what I can only describe as) a fanny pack for your thigh, which was a LIFE saver. It was sturdy and stayed put and fit our phones and purses in. I’d recommend something like this if you were going on all the scary rides. Obviously if you’re going with kids you need more than just a phone and purse but I thought I’d just pre warn you!

Kendra also brought GLITTER (see photo above) and we wore this on our faces the whole time. In the queue to the Tower of Terror we got called the glitter girls and honestly we were OK with that!


So, we went to Disneyland Paris midweek in an off-season month and the queues were absolutely brilliant for us. I think around an hour was the longest we had to wait. Don’t get me wrong, everyone would rather queue a little less but we were in the park for three days and managed to fit in every ride we wanted to along with some of our favourites again on the last day.

If you can go midweek and out of school holidays, I think it makes a world of difference. You can also buy fast pass tickets for certain rides if you want to!


We stayed at the “Hotel B&B”which was a ten-minute free shuttle to the park entrance. I won’t say much about the hotel as people generally book hotel and tickets together. What we found was that we literally slept and had breakfast there, we didn’t spend loads of time thereso we wouldn’t have minded what it was like. But it was good!




Finally I’m going to chat to you about the castle because honestly I could have cried when I saw it for the first time. The castle is this gorgeous shade of pink. You can go all the way around it, in it, under it (and definitely do this because there’s the most amazing dragon under there). Everyone is taking selfies from every angle around the castle (us included) and it’s basically very hard to get a photo in front of it with just you in but you just have to have no shame!

The castle without a doubt, 100%, was my favourite part of Disneyland Paris.


Here’s a short itinerary of our three days there:

  • Day 1 – Travel from early. Visit Disneyland Park all afternoon, check in and hotel in the evening after Dinner.
  • Day 2 - Visit Walt Disney Studios Park in the morning, Disneyland Park in the afternoon.
  • Day 3 - Visit Disneyland Park again, leave to start travelling home mid afternoon.

I hope you all get the chance to go and experience Disney, and I hope I get to go to Florida one day and experience it on the next level too! But for the price (I think we paid under £500 each including travel, hotels, food and park tickets ((and ears))) I think Paris is a real winner.

If you have any questions do get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer anything honestly about the best holiday ever!

Take care lovelies,

Leah x