Hey everyone!

I realise it was supposed to be a Disney blog as my next one, but a few of you asked for “a day in the life of” following from my previous being self-employed blog, and so I thought I’d go for it now as it’s much easier to pull together than a Disney one that seems to be taking me forever!

So here goes…


Monday is my day of admin. As well as my printers being closed on a Monday, I also get most of my orders over the weekend (especially now I do my limited-edition Fridays and originals sale!) and so it’s a fab day to get all my envelopes prepped, reply to all my emails and place any stock orders that I need.

  • I start by going to the gym (normally…) and spending some time with my pooch. I often bring my laptop home so I can reply to emails in bed or on the sofa!
  • When I get to work I write all my envelopes of orders and pack all my weekend orders up. This includes hand writing a postcard for each order which I love! It can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours and so I often have a Netflix series on the go at the same time!
  • Once all my orders have been packed, a post office run is in order! I often try and get this in at the same time as popping home to walk the dog.I love the fresh air and it gives me some chill time for a little while!
  • The rest of the afternoon is often spent planning commissions, doing any scanning or packing I need to do and ordering a re-stock of prints and cards.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:



Tueasday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days I get to do what I love most. Commissions, new designs, little doodles for my Instagram posts, thinking up new ideas... all the greatest things and the reason I love what I do so much!

I often start these three days with such a positive mental attitude. 

I try to keep my mind fresh with ideas and spend the first part of Tuesday prepping and planning my social media for the week. Anyone that has a business understands that social media is a HUGE player in success and coming up with daily Instagram posts can take over a long period of time from your day, so I try and get a vague idea of what I want to post each day to make it flow more naturally when I come to writing that post or releasing new material!

Social media can take a short time or a longer time if I want new doodles or designs to upload, I’ll do them there and then.

Commissions can also vary from week to week as to whether they take up a whole day, a couple of days or just a few hours. I do seem to always have a few that I’m working on, though, and they are some of my favourite things to do.

Gym and dog and a fresh air walk always happen within all this, but I try and enjoy and not be too structured with these few days as I find the more I enjoy them the more productive I am!

For the rest of the days I pack up any orders, prep any envelopes I need to and if I have an event coming up I’ll get the “event table” ready and put all my pieces to the side so it’s just a case of packing the car closer to the day!

I would recommend to anyone that has a creative job (or any job!) to take regular little breaks (even just a 5-minute cup of tea or a quick game on your phone, no judging *cough*snake squad*cough*). Having a little brain break is essential! 

Through these “middle” days I write a to do list, scribble and change it, write a new one, doodle on it, change my path and go a bit rogue multiple times a day but I like to go with the flow!

(Gossip Girl is my series of choice at the moment while I’m working, but sometimes if I’m doing a commission I like to just turn all distractions off, and work in the hum of my studio with no noise.)



Friday is my rounding up day.

I start a Friday with so much happiness! I love it!

On a Friday this tends to be what happens:

  • Get up nice and early, hit the gym if I fancy it or have a little lie in if I’m feeling the opposite!
  • Head to the printers to pick up all my orders for the week (my printers is near my gym so this helps when I’m not feeling it to tie them in together!)
  • Prep my limited edition or sale for the evening. This includes writing up envelopes, postcards, packing and signing all the prints and getting it all together.
  • This is the day I know I’m in the studio all day so I get a lot of scanning in as I need to be there to scan all my work in and swap them over when needed.
  • Sometimes I squeeze a coffee in on a Friday with my bestie who has Fridays off, best part of the week obviously!
  • I also do my social media pre planning for the weekend as I don’t like to be on my phone lots over the weekend!
  • If I have an event on at the weekend, I always pack the car on a Friday so I can have as much sleep on the Saturday morning as possible!

On Saturday and Sunday, Piers (my husband, who works a “normal” 9-5) has the whole time off so we always try and make the most of it. Hardly any work and no talking stories or sales! I do still reply to emails and IG messages but I keep it to a minimum, time off is so key!

Obviously, if I’m at an event or stall I work the whole weekend and would try and recover by having a little lie in on a Monday before heading back to the studio to do a stock check and re tidy!

I hope you all enjoyed knowing a little more about what I do with my days, let me know if you have any questions as I tried to fly through it as quickly as possible!

Enjoy your day and speak (about Disney!)as soon as possible.

Leah x