This is me

Hello and thank you for being on my little corner of the Internet reading my first ever blog post!

I have to admit, I don’t think at any stage I’ll ever be OK with using the term “blogger” for myself, but lets see eh! However, I for one love down to earth articles written by down to earth ‘normal’ people/bloggers, and can hold my hands up and say I am a sucker for being influenced by a cracking blog post or insta story (you just need to look in my wardrobe or at all the things in my house to figure this out about me)… 

Since becoming a creative I have found myself in a social media worldwhere a lot of my followers and people I follow are Mums or parents and I interact with a lot of “Mum blogs” and instas because of the style and attraction of my illustrations tends to be for kids rooms and presents. This means I naturally find myself reading LOADS of blogs about kids and family life; which might seem weird because it’s so opposite to my life (no kids in this house, just a dog…) but I love that it’s so different to my little world which is probably why I can get lost in it!

I just want to start blogging to chat to you, really. Share some of my work and some of my worldand give you some ‘real life’ chat to enjoy reading. I don’t think many people do what I do (does anyone in this world have the same day to day?!) and hopefully that’s enough to help you to enjoy my different world! 

So here goes. I thought with it being my first time, this post should be all about me. If you love it I can share more about work, home, chill, everything. But for now, this is me:

I am Leah. I am 24 and I’m sure I’ve told my little story 100 times so I’ll make it short and sweet (or as short and sweet as it can be). I love art. I studied art all the way through school but always had a “I surely can’t do art, it’s too difficult to make it work” mind set, so I didn’t pursue it. So in 2014 I headed to Cardiff university to start studying Medicine (crazy different to art, but true). It lasted 4 months and then I was back and done, knowing I wanted a different life. I don’t regret going to Cardiff, as I believe it taught me what I really wanted from life.

I made greetings cards for family and friends at this time and always doodled but never knew how to make it more. When I decided to try and start a business I started off very small and naïve. I knew I wanted to be happy and I knew I wanted to work for myself but had no idea how or where to start. I basically started out in the spare room; I started by drawing and painting EVERY SINGLE CARD by hand. That is something that makes me laugh now considering I barely have time to design one card in a week anymore let alone hand paint each one. But I did! And I booked in to a few little markets and craft fairs and made a logo and a name and “Made by Leah” was born.  

Sometimes I can’t quite believe that since those early days I now have a studio, have done over 50 events (that are a tad better than a table top in a local village hall. Although I’m not knocking those little fairs, I still sometimes do them because I love to meet wonderful people at all events), have my own websitehave exhibited at huge trade showshave my designs in over 100 shops across the UK, have collaborated with huge lovelies such as ‘The Royal Academy Of Dance Ltd’ and Lichfield Cathedral, done big projects such as murals and signage for local businesses as well as illustrated a book and started my first magazine AND had a sell out open studio event. I love writing this all down as it really shows how far I’ve come. I encourage you to write down what you’ve achieved this last couple of years, it will be more than you think! 


Basically I just WENT FOR IT. I sometimes compare my first designs to my current designs and consider how much I’ve grown since 2016 when Made by Leah was born and I thank everyone that follows my journey and has ever believed in me for that! And also want to say that if you have a passion and want to work for yourself, do it. Make it work because it’s amazing.

I work from a double garage conversion at my parents house which is AMAZING, but live a mile down the road with my husband and my sausage dog. Long commute.

Anyway, enough about work and more about me!


Here are some of my favourite things:

  • Dogs. I would have a million dogs if I was allowed. Thankfully my husband said yes to ONE and so I have my little sausage.

  • Bubble baths. It doesn’t matter what time of day; I’m down for a bath. The hotter the better.
  • Christmas. My birthday is on Christmas day and it’s just magical. I love the run up to Christmas and all the beautiful lights everywhere and just the joy. So much joy.
  • Pink. There is absolutely no doubt that my favourite colour is pink. I have to try very hard to design an illustration with no pink. Very hard.
  • Saturdays. No more needs to be said.

Fun Fact: If I was on I’m a celebrity (please make it happen) and I had to choose my 3 course meal in the final (please also make that happen) it would without a doubt be Lasagne to start, a huge cheese burger for main and a clotted cream rice pudding for dessert. 

From now on I want to share about my weekends, my trips,  things I love, my work, wish lists, people to follow, new things and basically just MY LIFE.

Thanks for reading about me and see you next time.

Leah x


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