About Leah

leah speight

I’m Leah and I’m an artist, illustrator and baker. I started a small business called ‘Made by Leah’ back in 2015 selling home made cakes and artwork, all made by me, of course. And this is it! I’m based in Lichfield, a small city in The Midlands.

I love to create cakes for all occasions including weddings and birthdays, where people can love both the appearance and the flavours of my creations. I also make different types of baked goods too, and love to sell everything I make at all the local festivals and markets. I want everything to reflect my playful and loose style and love to create things that prompt smiles all round.

I also love to develop my own recipes, and wanted to make a business that allowed me to keep up my love of home baking and creating recipes whilst also being able to work with customers to create things that they will love the look and taste of!

illustrationsHaving studied Art and loving it, I decided to carry on this passion using my sketches and watercolour. This quickly grew into creating my own paintings and greetings cards, and I have now brought artwork and illustrations to become a big part of ‘Made by Leah’. All my free time is spent painting and, again, my style is very washy and playful and I love to create characters and paintings that are happy and unique.

I adore illustrating and sketching wherever possible and I’m so glad to be able to share my designs and work with everyone here. I’m always working on new designs. All my greetings cards and artwork designs are original and created using a sketching pen and watercolour paints. I’m happy to create individual pieces on request too, just get in touch!

pigbottomAll my artwork and cards are printed in house, and I also personally package and distribute.

Everything I make is perfect for all occasions!

Take a look around my website to check out my style. I’m happy to be contacted with any questions. Otherwise, enjoy!